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Our Expertise

Healthy food: what is that anyway? There is no other subject on which there are as many opinions, theories and judgements as on healthy eating. Fortunately, it is not nearly as complicated as we think. After all, healthy food is all around us… when we know where to look and what to look out for.


Nature is our expertise

Nature gives us the most beautiful products. Products that have everything we need; with the perfect balance of nutrients. Here at TastyBasics, we cherish what nature offers us. That is why we use whole nuts, seeds, pits, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Our products contain no added sugars, have fewer carbohydrates and are packed with fiber and protein. Real food, Whole Food. Food packed with nutrients that get you through the day nutritiously. Your gut feeling tells you what you need. Nature is our expertise.

Less Carbs, More Real Food

Nature as the base. That sounds logical. Yet our eating habits nowadays consist largely of processed ingredients. Through processing, the industry extracts valuable nutrients, such as fibers and minerals, from our food and  “throw” them away, while adding sugar. The food we consume is out of balance. So, what do we need to do to get that balance back? The answer is short: Real food. TastyBasics products are just that. Our products are packed with fibers and protein, contain no added sugar and have fewer carbohydrates. You get what you need naturally. From nature, always super tasty!

Discover what eating whole foods does with you

You know that feeling: Half an hour after breakfast you are hungry yet again? Or that your lunch box is never full enough? Whole foods, thus unprocessed foods, help you to trust your body. If you start your day with a bowl of yogurt and muesli made of Whole Foods, you have enough energy for the whole morning. That’s because the unprocessed ingredients we use as base for our products are a source of important nutrients. Our products are full of fibers and protein creating a nutritious base. This will get you through the day!

What are Whole Foods?

Team TastyBasics

Our TastyBasics team consists of professionals in the field of healthy eating. Thanks to extensive research, our food experts, scientists, dietician and chef know exactly what your body needs. Together we develop the best and tastiest products. We do everything to inspire you with super tasty recipes and blogs.

Our Expertise

TastyBasics conducts research on eating habits. We focus on food that aligns with the nutritional need of the human body. Food that is balanced naturally. TastyBasics wants to quantify the benefits of unprocessed raw ingredients to make them accessible for everyone. That’s why we develop products that are made from or have Whole Foods at their core.

Wondering what would happen if we stopped eating processed foods? Download our White paper “Binnengeslopen koolhydraten: de olifant in de eetkamer” (only available in Dutch).

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We love whole foods

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