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Our Story

Who says living healthy is difficult? All you have to do is trust in nature. Your nature. Our nature. Because nature is our foundation, our base.

Nature forms our base

Everything we need is provided by nature. Nature knows what is good for us; we have been relying on her for millions of years. By listening to nature and building on her, you find the balance you need. A natural balance.

A better Base

So, why have we lost sight of nature? When looking at our current eating habits, at least half of our food is processed. The most important nutrients are sieved out. The result? Shelves full of products high in added sugar, but low in nutrients. Our diet is out of balance. What we need is honest food. Pure food. Real food. And not to forget: tasty food. That is why we at TastyBasics only use ‘whole’ nuts, seeds, kernels, legumes, vegetables and fruit in our products. We don’t add or remove anything. From nature, always super tasty. That is really the better base.

From nature, always super tasty

The story of TastyBasics does not come out of the blue. Our team of food experts, scientists, dieticians and chefs conduct extensive research into foods that meet your body’s needs. Your gut feeling helps them make the right choices. This is how they combine the best with the tastiest. TastyBasics: From Nature, Always Super Tasty.

We love whole foods

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