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The Future is Whole Foods

Our future begins today. Because today, we can make a difference for tomorrow. In recent decades, the focus of our food production has been on taste, convenience and the lowest price possible. In doing so, we increasingly lost sight of the power of nature. Let us rely on nature again.
The Future is Whole Foods.

What Whole Foods do for the world

Our food chain is responsible for more than 20% of our CO2 footprint. The large amount of animal protein we eat plays an critical role in this. For example, via the “animal detour” plant-based raw materials are served as meat on our plate .

Meat substitutes are the latest solution for many people. These are products made from plant-based proteins. These are made by processing protein-rich legumes into something resembling meat in looks and texture. Proteins are concentrated, whereas other nutrients are disposed of. Although these substitutes are a more sustainable alternative compared to meat, this way of special processing is not the most sustainable and certainly not conducive to nutritional value.

There are more logical solutions and alternatives. One being eliminating empty calories in our eating habits. Empty calories are mainly products that contain starch, sugar and white flour.  Instead, try eating  more Whole Foods products such as legumes, seeds, nuts and kernels.

Sustainable and healthy go hand in hand

With rich plant-based Whole Foods such as legumes, nuts and kernels, you can easily get to the recommended daily amount of protein per day – even without meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

Contrary to processed raw materials, Whole Foods provide more nutrition and more satiation, and thus, provide a way forward to a more sustainable and much healthier eating habit.  Muesli, crackers, bread, bars –  they can all be made from valuable plant-based raw materials. That’s exactly what we do here at TastyBasics! By eating TastyBasics muesli with a plant-based yoghurt, you easily eat a quarter of the daily amount protein advised.

Furthermore, your everyday eating habit becomes more nutritious by replacing white crackers, sweet cruesli or traditional snack with a TastyBasics alternative as it would with an extra 100 grams of vegetables. But do keep on eating those extra vegetables as well.

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The Future is Whole Foods

We love whole foods

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