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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files containing information that are stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. Settings are stored in these text files so that you do not have to reset them when you visit a new website. A unique ID can also be stored so that it can be accurately measured how many visitors a website has had.

Cookies also keep track of which other pages you have visited so that a website can easily make suggestions for relevant pages.

A cookie can be used to store a unique profile of a user, but personal data such as address details, for example, you will never see in cookie files.

We use the following cookies on tastybasics.nl and tastybasics.com:

Functional cookies

We use cookies to ensure that the website works properly and is easy to use. As example of what these cookies do: They ensure that videos and photo content is loaded and ready to play on our websites.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to measure how and how often our website is used. We do this through third-party instruments. In this way we can optimize our website, identify errors and correct them, so that we can increase user-friendliness.

The following software, which uses cookies, is implemented on our website:

  • Google Analytics:
    For metrics such as the number of page visits, the number of unique users and to see how much time people spend per page or visit. For more information about how Google works, see Google’s privacy statement.
 Marketing cookies

We advertise our brand and products through advertising networks such as Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google. These ad networks use cookies to keep track of which pages you have visited in order to show you the right ads. Cookies are also used to link a click on an advertisement to an objective within the campaign, based on which a fee can be paid to an advertising network. We use the following networks:

Google Ads (Audiences)

Google collects user information based on logged-in Google users. These are, for example, demographic data and interests. This data allows Google to personalize the advertisements (this is only possible if you, as a user, have activated the opt-in for this function). Through Google Analytics, we therefore have the opportunity to obtain additional demographic insights.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

Via a pixel, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) records your surfing behavior on our website and personalizes the content and advertisements they show. We use this cookie to measure and optimize the performance of our Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Manage your cookies in your browser

You can delete cookies placed and reject the placement of new cookies via your browser settings on your computer. The way to do this may vary by browser. For the most commonly used browsers, we have a list of links to relevant pages below:


Important to know: If you refuse or delete cookies, some functionalities on a website will not work and cannot be used by you. In addition, refusing or deleting cookies only has consequences for the device and browser on which you are taking action. If you use multiple devices and/or browsers, you should repeat this action(s) as many times as necessary.

More information about how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about our cookie or privacy policy, please contact us at:

TastyBasics B.V.

Telephone number from the Netherlands: +31 591 67 99 99

E-mail address: info@tastybasics.nl

Address: Aelderstraat 1, 7854 RN Aalden, The Netherlands

This cookie policy may change from time to time at TastyBasics, if there are new developments or if we as a company deem it necessary.


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